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Simon Milsom

Available as Freelance, Part-time or Full-time contracts

I am committed to working as a front end developer and wish to work on projects which are exciting and beneficial to the world.

Location Details

Hythe, Kent, UK

Available to work remotely or Hybrid in London or Kent

I am located on the south-East coast of Kent in a little town call Hythe, I have an office space fully equipped with high speed internet.

I am close to the high speed railway which gets into London St Pancras and is fairly close to central london.

About Me:

About Me

I am seeking a career change, I am attending a bootcamp with EdX Skills for life and am loving the challenges it is giving me, I love to code and solving problems.

I have been learning CSS Grid, basic structures of websites and how to link CSS to HTML pages.

I am currently a MOT Tester, vehicle Technician and Diagnostic trechnician which has prepared me for a more 3d view of tasks. I use this ability in making websites, planning in my head how the structure will look and then implementing it in code.


For the last 7 years I have been a car mechanic, MOT tester and diagnostic technician. This has been great training in knowing how car parts come apart and go back together, almost like a 3d puzzle, while doing this work is rewarding I believe it is now time for me to make a career that will lead me for many years to come in the future of the world and becomming a coder.

I have experience in Customer service while working on London Underground, I was there for 5 years and worked front-line facing customers and also in the ticket office where I was involved in the start up of Oyster cards.